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Fret Saw with 12 Blades - 5" throat

Fret Saw with 12 Blades - 5
Fret Saw with 12 Blades - 5" throat

Product Reference: RCFS-5 49.733

This fret saw has a deeper throat that some people may prefer to the 3" version.

This is a light saw (actually a jewellers saw) with a good blade clamp which reduces blade breakage.

Notice the tension adjustment on the end of the saw. This allows for a very tight blade that limits bowing during use.

Supplied with 12 x 11.5 tpi skip tooth blades.

A quick twist of the blade (30 degrees) at both clamps frees up the restriction of a 3" throat.

The saw is designed to cut on the pull stroke.
Price: 18.68 (Including VAT at 20%)

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