Draw Knives

Draw Knife - Drawing Knife - Draw Shave - Draft Shave - Shaving Knife

There are many designs of draw knife, many particular to a certain trade (e.g chair maker, cooper, handle maker, gun stock maker, mast maker, carpenter etc) and variations of patterns. The draw knife is used for the removal of excess timber, for rounding off stock and for chamfering, either freehand or in a shave horse,

There are some delightful old draw knives still to be found at boot fairs and specialist sales (but be careful to check that the edge is still good and that back of the blade is not pitted with cleaned out rust). We have a selection here of new draw knives to suit most budgets and size requirements, the newest of which from Forge de Saint Juery (home of Auriou Toolworks in France), who like the Gransfors Bruks Factory in Sweden, hand forge their draw knives.

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