Double Sided Leather Sharpening Strop 8" x 3" with Paste

Double Sided Leather Sharpening Strop 8

Product Reference: C-STR-8-P-EW

A strop is a leather strip used to polish the edge of a chisel, plane iron or a knife. Stropping is the final part of the sharpening process in achieving a truly sharp edge. Stropping has always been the accepted way to finishing a cut throat razor guaranteeing the closet of shaves. Unlike honing which removes metal from the bevel, stropping burnishes away any microscopic metal strands clinging to the edge and polishes the bevel and back of the blade. Once the point where these two meet is as smooth as possible, the edge will be at its sharpest.

Includes: 8" x 3" Double-Sided Leather sharpening strop and Superfine Polishing Compound.
Price: 18.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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