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Arkansas Sharpening Stones - Dan's Whetstone Company USA

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Dan's Whetstone Co. from Akansas USA prides itself in providing the customer with genuine Arkansas Novaculite in all grades of stone.

Novaculite is a sedimentary rock composed of microcrystalline quartz, it is also recognized as a re-crystallized variety of chert. It is a high-purity silica, composed of more than 99 percent pure silica. The name is applied mainly to formations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas and is derived from the Latin word novacula, meaning razor stone. Novaculite is the rarest and finest abrasive stone in existence. Found in depths of 250 to 900 feet, Novaculite was formed during the Mississippian and Devonian ages (about 350 million years ago). The stone naturally resists erosion and forms prominent ridges in the Ouachita Mountain range.

Genuine black Arkansas novaculite available., don't be fooled by the rumour that "Black Arkansas Novaculite is extinct!"


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>Dan's Pocket Stones </span> Dan's Pocket Stones

These pocket stones are the carry-all,
cure-all for quick touch-ups on your
knife or tool edge. Perfect for small
blades and tools. Supplied with a
leather pouch for clean storage
and protection of the stone,
including genuine black
Arkansas novaculite.
<span style='font-size: 18px;'>Dan's Tri-Hone </span> Dan's Tri-Hone

Dan's Whetstone Company provides
a 3 stone sharpening system called
a Tri-Hone, it comes complete with a
bottle of honing oil.

Online Catalogue >  Sharpening Products  >  Dan's Whetstones USA

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