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Auriou Cabinet Maker's Rasp
Ref: G 01 04

These are the basic rasps for shaping work. They are relatively wide in proportion to their length giving you considerable cutting power. You will get surprisingly smooth finishes to your work. As a general guide you should chose a rasp which is 3/4 times longer then the width of the piece you are shaping.

As an example - For shaping guitar necks you should choose either the 12" or 10" rasp before moving on to a smaller, finer rasp for more refined shaping.

Auriou rasps do not tear your edges so you can work to a line with the utmost confidence.

The coarsest grain for the cabinet rasp is the 12" grain 4 and this will remove a lot of material very efficiently. (1 is the coarsest grain - 15 is finest grain)

The choice of rasp is down to the work you are doing, Do not be afraid to buy a longer rasp to begin with for general use. We would recommend the 10" grain 9 or the 9" grain 10. These both give a very good compromise between cutting power and finish.

Available in left or right handed models.

The address position for holding your rasp is slightly skewed across the grain (just like you skew a plane along the grain) - so Auriou offset the cutting teeth to allow for this skew angle so the teeth cut straight. A right hander skews his rasp on the opposite side to a left hander so Auriou offset the teeth either side of straight, depending on your handedness. This is done for ergonomic, efficiency and comfort reasons. It is so much easier than trying to push the tool dead straight.

Left handed rasps are normally special order and may take up to 6 weeks to despatch, but we do have some in stock, so please give us a call on 01473 784 983 or email

Prices include VAT

For you lucky guys outside the European Union, you do not pay VAT (sales tax) which is currently 20%. We will advise you of shipping costs before despatch.

Auriou Cabinet Maker's Rasp


Please state on order notes if you require a LEFT handed rasp
R/H 8" Grain 11 - G 01 04 200 011  84.00
R/H 10" Grain 5 - G 01 04 250 005  95.75
R/H 10" Grain 7 - G 01 04 250 007  98.00
R/H 10" Grain 11 - G 01 04 250 011  109.25
R/H 12" Grain 4 - G 01 04 300 004  100.25
R/H 12" Grain 6 - G 01 04 300 006  102.76
R/H 12" Grain 8 - G 01 04 300 008  110.26
R/H 12" Grain 10 - G 01 04 300 010  115.75
R/H 12" Grain 12 - G 01 04 300 012  121.50


Auriou Curved Cabinet Rasp
Ref: G01 05 250 009

This is most useful for shaping the buttock areas for chair seats and for other concave shaping work. This 10" cabinet rasp is stitched on the underside only and is curved along its length.

Size - 250mm x 32mm x 5.5mm Grain 9


Price: 86.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Auriou Curved Cabinet Rasp




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