BenchCrafted Classic Leg Vice Base Hardware

BenchCrafted Classic Leg Vice Base Hardware
BenchCrafted Classic Leg Vice Base Hardware

Product Reference: BC-CLV

In the 19th and early 20th century, many vocational schools and commercial shops in France and its colonies were outfitted with Roubo-style benches and metal leg vise hardware. French hardware is typically made entirely of metal, whereas hardware from Britain and America usually features a T-shaped iron casting fitted with a sliding wooden handle. We designed ours around the French model for better function and looks. Researching extant vises and benches, we discovered a number of features that have all but disappeared from modern vise manufacture. We’ve incorporated these, plus a few of our own, into the design of the Classic Leg Vise.


• Fully machined from steel components
• 2-3/16” diameter hub with integral spring plunger, Parkerized finish

• 15” handle assembly with central v-groove and leather shock washers, Parkerized finish

• 3-½” diameter flange, Parkerized finish

• Roll-threaded steel acme screw, 1” diameter with 4 tpi pitch, double lead (2 tpi equivalent, or ½” travel per turn) 16” of thread behind the flange

• 9” capacity typical installations

• 2-½” diameter one-piece acme nut

• Crubber jaw liner included (for 8” wide chops)

• Designed and made in the USA

• Includes everything you need to build the vise, except wood

Notice: Cross parts not included! The Classic Glide Leg Vise Bace Hardware must be paired either with a Crisscross Solo or with a Crisscross Retro. See items below!

BenchCrafted Classic Glide Leg Vice instructions can be found here

Price: 217.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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