BenchCrafted Benchmakers Package - Hardware only no plans

BenchCrafted Benchmakers Package - Hardware only no plans

Product Reference: BC-BP

Typical captive nut arrangements for knockdown bases involve either a square nut, recessed hex nut, or short, slotted cross-dowels. All of these fasteners make it tricky to assemble the joint without some frustration or extra tools.
The BenchCrafted barrel nuts and end cap barrel nuts are the ideal choise for making knock-down joints in workbench bases.

The set of 4 zinc-plated steel Barrel Nuts are over 2 inch (50 mm) long and are slightly undersized (25 mm) to fit easily in a 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter hole, making it quick and easy to mill the joint and then assemble the base. The Barrel Nuts work best in a 1-3/4 inch (45 mm) thick rail, but they can work in thinner stock as well. The protruding end of the nut, with it's V-groove for grip, lets you insert and adjust it with a free hand while tightening the bolt with the other-you don't need a tool to insert or rotate the nut. Once you feel the bolt threading into the Barrel Nut, finish tightening the joint with a socket wrench. Four, 8 inch X 1/2inch-13 steel bolts and washers are included. Bolts and washers are black finish.

The pair of End Cap Barrel Nuts included is packaged with two 3/8inch X 5inch black oxide hex head bolts and washers, and can be used to build knockdown joints in thick wood for any workbench, or even furniture. Each End Cap Barrel Nut is 3-1/4 inch (82 mm) long overall, and fits loosely in a 7/8 inch (22.2 mm) hole. The 3/8 inch /9.5 mm) tapped cross hole is 11/16 inch (17.5 mm) on center from the end.
Both sets made in America from zinc plated steel.
Also included: 4 Spax Lag Screws 5 inch x 3/8 inch with Torx50 head for attaching top!

Wooden parts NOT included!

Weight 2.4 kg

Benchmaking Hardware Package Contents:
2 Sets End Cap Barrel Nuts with bolts and washers
4 Pieces Spax Lag Screws 5 inch x 3/8 inch
4 Sets Barrel Nuts with bolts and washers
Price: 59.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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