Auriou Modellers Rasps

Auriou Modellers Rasps

Product Reference: G 01 06

These are similar to cabinet rasps but are not as wide relative to their length. This allows you to work in tighter spaces. They are for more delicate shaping work and complement the work done by cabinet makers rasps.

The 6" (150mm) grain 15 rasp is for making very fine refinements to your work whilst the 7" (175mm) grain 13 rasp is an excellent choice for final shaping work. The new 7" (175mm) grain 10 rasp is popular with stickmakers. The new 10" modellers rasps was added in 2011 on request from a firm of coffin makers!

Available in left or right handed models.
The address position for holding your rasp is slightly skewed across the grain (just like you skew a plane along the grain) - so Auriou offset the cutting teeth to allow for this skew angle so the teeth cut straight. A right hander skews his rasp on the opposite side to a left hander so Auriou offset the teeth either side of straight, depending on your handedness. This is done for ergonomic, efficiency and comfort reasons. It is so much easier than trying to push the tool dead straight.

We do accept that most lefties will be fairly ambidextrous and can happily use a right handed rasp.

Grain 1 is Super Coarse
Grain 15 is Super Fine

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Please let us know in order notes if you want a LEFT handed rasp

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