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Veritas Variable Angle Fence for Veritas Planes
Ref: 05P3004

This plane fence doesn't limit you to right angles - it allows accurate and consistent planing of any angle from 45° to 135°.

Angles are set using a square or angle gauge, or directly on an angle you wish to match.

The spring-loaded lever, which locks the fence, can be rotated out of the way if necessary.

Through-holes in the 11" long aluminum fence allow the attachment of a wooden extension, or a tapered spacer for planing angles less than 45°.

It mounts with stainless-steel thumbscrews to the tapped holes in the sides of our custom bench planes, shooting plane, bevel-up jointer plane and jack rabbet plane.

Made in Canada. Price includes VAT. 

Price: 52.69 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Variable Angle Fence for Veritas Planes



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