Blue Spruce Classic Marking KnifeBlue Spruce Classic Marking Knife
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Blue Spruce Classic Marking Knife
The Blue Spruce Toolworks Classic Marking Knife has a Curly Maple Handle with .032" Small Spear Point Marking Blade and stainless steel ferrule. Your handcut joinery will take a huge leap forward when you stop marking with a pencil and start marking with a single bevel marking knife. A pencil line gives you nothing but a target. A marking knife gives you a physical impression in the wood which...
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Spare Blade for Blue Spruce Marking Knife
Spare Blade for Blue Spruce Marking Knife
Blue Spruce .032, Spear Point, Small Marking Blade Take advantage of the tool-less collet design of the Classic Marking Knife and always work with a fresh cutting edge.
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Blue Spruce Round MalletBlue Spruce Round Mallet
Blue Spruce Round Mallet
Blue Spruce Round Mallets feature a maple head infused with a tough polymer resin that increases the density of the maple by 80%. The infused head puts more “smack” into less space than simple wooden headed mallets. In addition to concentrating power, the resin protects the wood fibers from compression. This beautiful tool will still look beautiful after chopping hundreds of dovetails and...
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Blue Spruce Rectangular MalletBlue Spruce Rectangular Mallet
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Blue Spruce Rectangular Mallet
For centuries, joiner’s have used wooden mallets to strike tool handles and tap assemblies together. Wood-on-wood minimizes damage to whatever is being hit. The problem is, once a mallet head is large enough to deliver an adequate blow, it’s often too big and awkward to fit where you need it. Blue Spruce Toolworks has designed an elegant, traditional looking Rectangular Mallet, but they’ve...
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