Blue Spruce Classic Marking KnifeBlue Spruce Classic Marking Knife
Blue Spruce Classic Marking Knife
The Blue Spruce Toolworks Classic Marking Knife has a Curly Maple Handle with .032" Small Spear Point Marking Blade and stainless steel ferrule. Your handcut joinery will take a huge leap forward when you stop marking with a pencil and start marking with a single bevel marking knife. A pencil line gives you nothing but a target. A marking knife gives you a physical impression in the wood which...
£85.00 inc VAT
Pfeil Marking KnivesPfeil Marking Knives
Pfeil Marking Knives
The Pfeil Marking Knife is bevelled on both edges. The blade can be guided on either the left or right side of a straight edge for precise scribing. The handle is oiled Bubinga, and the blade is K720 steel, hardened to RC 61. Standard: Blade length is 40mm. Overall length is 180mm. Small: Blade length is 34mm. Overall length is 160mm.
£19.50 inc VAT

Pfeil Marking Knives - Single BevelPfeil Marking Knives - Single Bevel
Pfeil Marking Knives - Single Bevel
The Pfeil Marking Knife is available with a bevel on just one edge, Left-handed or Right-handed. Oiled Bubinga handle, K720 steel blade. Hardness RC 61° Left-handed or Right-handed: Blade length is 45mm. Overall length is 150mm.
£23.50 inc VAT
Narex Marking KnivesNarex Marking Knives
Narex Marking Knives
The Narex marking knife is an essential tool for creating marks on wood when laying out precision joinery or transferring measurements. The flat handle profile prevents the knife from rolling off the bench. With the addition of laser cut finger indents which are useful for applying pressure closer to the tip. Available in three thicknesses; 2.5mm, 1.2mm, & 0.75mm Handle: Polished Rosewood...
from £21.00 inc VAT

Hock Marking Knife Blades
Hock Marking Knife Blades
This right or left hand, spear point marking knives (bevels are on one side only) are perfect for scribing fine lines against a straight edge. High carbon steel. All steel knife.
from £30.00 inc VAT
Hock Violin Knife Blades
Hock Violin Knife Blades
Three sizes of knife blade as suggested by the late master violin-maker, Hans Weisshaar. These knives are double beveled. Sold as blades only, no handles. High carbon steel.
£30.00 inc VAT

Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives
Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives
Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives are easy to resharpen because the special steel is hardened all the way through. These have a double bevel.
£12.50 inc VAT
Rob Cosman Dovetail Marking KnifeRob Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife
Rob Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife
Rob Cosman has been planning this dovetail marking knife for many years and he finally brings this tool to the marketplace. Hand Cut Dovetailing is Rob's specialism and he has no doubt this tool will complete the stable of his dovetailing tools and instructional dvds. This is what he says.."For over thirty years one of my most trusted dovetail tools has been my modified marking knife. Working...
£62.00 inc VAT

Replacement Blades for Marking KnifeReplacement Blades for Marking Knife
Replacement Blades for Marking Knife
Replacement blades for Rob's Dovetail Marking Knife. Marking Knife Blade: The straight blade is designed for tracing tails onto the pin-board using traditional marking techniques. Radius tip “track’s” in the end grain. Wide at the blade tip for better registration against the tail. Regular Saw-Tooth Blade: Designed specifically for...
£22.25 inc VAT