Blue Spruce Ultimate Coping Saw

Product Description

Coping saws have always had a dilemma. Curved cuts go great until the frame gets in the way. Some of the better saws on the market address the problem by allowing the blade to pivot, but most require you to take the tension off the blade for adjustments or limit the travel to 90 degrees (or less). Blue Spruce Toolworks Ultimate Coping Saw frees you from these limitations with full 360-degree rotation under tension. That’s right, you can pivot the saw blade all the way around within the frame while you’re sawing. After a little practice you’ll find all you have to do is think about changing direction and it happens.

While free rotation is a game-changer when you’re coping molding or doing scroll work, often when you’re trying to track a straight line (like cleaning out dovetails) you prefer that the relationship between the blade direction and the frame remain constant. Blue Spruce Ultimate Coping Saw has you covered there, too. The same thumbwheels that unlock the blade for full rotation will lock it in any one of eight different positions... every 45 degrees around the clock.

Free rotation of the blade only works if the frame is rigid enough to maintain tension while it floats on a set of bearings. The frame of the Ultimate Coping Saw joins carbon fiber and precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum into a truss that is lightweight, perfectly straight and fighter-jet strong.

The Ultimate Coping Saw uses standard 6-1/2" pinned blades. If you want to work with 5-1/8" scroll saw blades as well, there’s an optional set of blade clamp adapters that extend the blade holders and provide a clamp appropriate for the smooth ends of scroll saw blades.


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