David Charlesworth Spokeshave Blade Holder

David Charlesworth Spokeshave Blade Holder

How to Make Your Own Version

The lucky winner (George) of David Charlesworth’s Rosewood Spokeshave Blade Holder has been busy creating since his purchase. 

George is very kindly sharing pictures of this tool and has gone on to create drawings including the dimensions of David’s tool.  Initially so he can make his own version of the Spokeshave Blade Holder as in his words “it would be sacrilege to use David’s one”.  He describes David’s Spokeshave Blade Holder as a work of art and so smooth to the touch.

He would also like to share these drawings with fellow woodworkers so you too can have a go at making one.

Please note in addition to the drawings and photo’s it should be noted there are 3 brass screws.  Two large brass countersunk screws which has a 4mm shank and have been cut down to 16mm in length.  The smaller brass countersunk screw has a 3mm shank cut down to 17mm in length.  The heads of the brass screws have been polished up.

If you would like to have a go at creating  your own spokeshave blade holder feel free to download George's drawings here and the images can be viewed here.  We would love to see what you create, please share with us at sales@classichandtools.com

Posted by Joy
26th January 2023

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