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Chestnut Buffing System

The Chestnut Products’ Buffing System is the ideal way to achieve a high gloss finish on virtually any turned (and even non-turned) item.
The system works on most previously applied finishes. The parts come ready for use, requiring
only a chuck and a lathe.

Buffing Wheel Kit
Ref: CP-PK

The Chestnut Products Buffing Wheel Kit is designed to give a first class finish on all work and improve the shine on virtually any item to give almost mirror like gloss.

The kit contains three 200mm (8in) buffing wheels. A firm wheel for the first compound - Tripoli; a softer wheel for second compound - white diamond and very soft 'swansdown' mop for the third compound - Carnauba wax.
You can either mount the buffing mops in a drill via a small mandrel, or a chuck with the larger, extended mandrel.

It is suitable for use over most finishes in the Chestnut Product range, including all of the lacquers, Finishing Oil, Hard Wax Oil and Friction Polish. It can also be used over the Cellulose and Acrylic Sanding Sealer. 

Price: 57.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Buffing Wheel Kit



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