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Tools & Lathes for Woodturners

There is a huge choice for the largest sub-section of woodworkers - WOODTURNERS

Our choice of turning tools is based on the quality of service from our manufacturers as the basic range of tools, seems to us, to be pretty much the same from supplier to supplier.

Robert Sorby & Hamlet Craft Tools both make their tools in Sheffield England and they both give consistently good service and make a excellent range of tools.

Robert Sorby also have the Pro-Edge sharpening machine (one of only a few machines we sell) and we always keep this in stock with all the accessories.

Woodturning Lathes - we sell the Magma Black Line Titan Lathe - widely regarded as one of the very best you can buy.


<span style='font-size: 18px;'>Woodturning Tools</span> Woodturning Tools
Robert Sorby, Hamlet Craft Tools,
Pro Edge Sharpening, Tormek,
Calipers & Dividers
<span style='font-size: 18px;'>Woodturning Lathes</span> Woodturning Lathes

Bench Mounted & Intermediate Lathes
Magma Black Line TITAN lathes

Online Catalogue >  Woodturning Tools & Lathes

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