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Veritas Power Tenon Cutters
Ref: 05J41

We were speaking to John Warnes about these tenon cutters at a show in Sussex in September 2005 and he said that these were a very good product. John has taught rustic woodcraft for many years so his recommendation is most valuable.

This what the manufacturers say...

These tools are indispensable for making rustic furniture, producing clean round tenons with smoothly radiused shoulders on the ends of sticks, branches, or more formal stock if you wish. With typical Veritas attention to detail, anodized alumminum bodies are accurately balanced to run smothly in a hand-held power drill, though they work just as smoothly in a bit brace.

The cutters are easily resharpened with a drum sander mounted in a drill press (see below), using a honing guide built into each tenon cutter.

Sizes 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" & 1" have 3/8" hex shanks and cut tenons up to 2-3/4" long.

1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" & 2" sizes have 1/2" hex shanks; they cut serious tenons up to 4-1/4" long, suitable for beds, heavy chairs, and other large-scale construction. Not to be used on a drill press.

Unfortunately the 1" and 1 1/4" tenon cutters are not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list.

Prices include VAT 

Veritas Power Tenon Cutters


Veritas 16mm (5/8") Power Tenon Cutter 05J4101  73.52
Veritas 19mm (3/4") Power Tenon Cutter 05J4102  75.64
Veritas 22mm (7/8") Power Tenon Cutter 05J4109  77.12
Veritas 38mm (1½") Power Tenon Cutter 05J4105  87.91
Veritas 44mm (1¾") Power Tenon Cutter 05J4108  91.51
Veritas 50mm (2") Power Tenon Cutter 05J4106  93.00
Veritas Replacement Blade (fits all) 05J4111  16.74

Veritas Power Tenon Cutter Sharpening Kit
Ref: 50J6201/02/03

Each sharpening kit consists of:

1½" x 1½" Sanding Drum.
Pack of 3 x 80 grit Silicon Carbide Sleeves
Pack of 3 x 120 grit Silicon Carbide Sleeves

Price includes VAT 

Price: 15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Power Tenon Cutter Sharpening Kit


Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutters
Ref: VJ610

Veritas tapered tenon cutters will put tapered tenons on the tips of turnings, dowels or rustic furniture components to fit into tapered holes; for example, legs and spindles on a Windsor chair. Use the cutter like a hand-held pencil sharpener; you either rotate the workpiece while pressing it into the cutter body or you can rotate the tool on the workpiece. Works equally well in soft, green or hard woods. Although the body design is similar to our Veritas dowel and tenon cutters, the cut is quite different. When a tenon is fed through the body, the straight-edged blade tapers the ends, whereas the curved blade on our dowel cutters cuts cylindrical tenons with a radiused shoulder. (If you have already purchased our dowel cutters, buying a straight replacement blade will allow you to cut tapered tenons.) Please note; the curved blade (for dowel making) should be used with only the three smallest sizes of tenon cutters.

The size given for each cutter is the minimum tenon diameter it will cut; the maximum is 1/2" greater, over a total tenon length of 63mm(2.1/2"). A starter kit of the 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" sizes will cover most tenoning requirements for typical chair-making. Some longer tenons may require cutting the major diameter with a larger cutter, and then finishing with a smaller cutter; if you have all five sizes you will be able to cut any diameter tenon up to 28.5mm(1.1/8") in diameter and as long as 50mm(2") in a single operation.

Prices incl VAT 

Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutters


3/8" Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutter  34.22
1/2" Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutter  34.22
5/8" Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutter  34.22

Veritas Dowel & Tenon Cutter
Ref: VJ600

Obtaining dowels to perfectly match a project or specific species of timber, is to say the least, almost impossible. Not so if you own a Veritas Dowel cutter and have a few timber off-cuts to hand. These cutters can be used two ways. Either use them like a hand-held pencil sharpener, to put accurate tenons on the tips of turnings or on rustic furniture components. Alternatively using a cordless drill, you need only cut square stock slightly oversize (1.5mm is ample) and use a square socket (with a 3/8" square drive to 1/4" hex adaptor) to power the stock through the dowel cutter.

The carbon-steel blade in the plated zinc-alloy body is adjustable. Works equally well in soft, green or hard woods. The curved blade is relatively easy to sharpen when required.

Imperial sizes only available 3/8"(9.5mm), 7/16"(11mm) & 1/2"(12.7mm) use the 1/2" drive socket for the 3/8" & 7/16" sizes and the 5/8" drive socket for the 1/2" dowel.

Dowel Cutters made in Canada. Patented. The four-sided square sockets have a 3/8" square-drive end. The socket adaptor has a 1/4" hex shank.

Price incl VAT 

Veritas Dowel & Tenon Cutter


Veritas Dowel & Tenon Cutter 7/16"  36.95
Veritas Dowel & Tenon Cutter 1/2" Square Socket  3.84
Veritas Dowel & Tenon Cutter 5/8" Square Socket  4.58
Veritas 3/8" Square Drive to 1/4" Hex Adapter  1.55


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