Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane

Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane
Veritas Low-Angle Block PlaneVeritas Low-Angle Block Plane

Product Reference: 05P2201

Veritas have made a block plane that uses a "Norris" style combined sideways (lateral) and up and down adjustment which gives you greater control when adjusting its impressive 1/8" thick by 1 5/8" wide PM-V11 or O1 blade.

This plane also overcomes one of the drawbacks of other block planes in having higher side wings (ideal for shooting) with multiple finger grips in each side. The combination of accuracy of adjustment and fine machining makes it a pleasure to use. With a 12° bed angle and 25° bevel angle, the plane excels at working end grain. It has the adjustable mouthpiece and compact size of other low-angle block planes.

The 6" long by 2" wide body is made from ductile iron.

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Low Angle Block Plane - Optional Handles

The optional handles can convert the Veritas® low-angle block plane into a small low-angle smoothing plane.

From day one the Veritas low-angle block planes were machined to accept a handle for a firmer grip when smoothing. A tall knob is a natural companion to it.

Though the low-angle plane can be used with much force and comfort with only the handle (tote), full benefit is obtained when you add the tall knob (replacing the brass front knob that came with your plane). The combination allows you to bear down quite heavily, letting it perform like a low-angle smoothing plane, albeit smaller.

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