Veritas Large Journeyman's Mallet

Veritas Large Journeyman's Mallet
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Veritas Large Journeyman's Mallet

Product Reference: 05K1503

The Veritas Large Journeyman's Mallet has a solid brass head, a walnut handle and a simple, refined profile, making it an elegant and effective mallet.

Designed for work that requires more finesse than power, it can be held by the handle or used with the head cradled in your palm, allowing you to more precisely control the force of blows. The head is attached to the handle with a blind threaded connection rather than a through-hole, which leaves it with a flat top you can use as a striking surface with the same feel and force as the sides.

The large mallet, with an 18oz, 1 5/8" diameter head, is ideal for sculpting and carving. Just under 6" long overall.

Made in Canada.

Unfortunately this item is not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784983 or email to be added to our waiting list.
Price: 37.18 (Including VAT at 20%)

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