Veritas Flush Cutting Saws

Veritas Flush Cutting Saws

Product Reference: VK3

Traditionally used for the rapid trimming of plugs and dowels flush with a surface, the Veritas flush-cutting saws can be used where you want to cut off a projection without damaging the surrounding or adjoining face. This is possible because the teeth are set one way only

The 22 tpi Japanese tooth-pattern blade cuts aggressively (on the pull stroke), but does not mark the surface that it is cutting next to. The thin blade is flexible and can be pressed flush to any surface, yet is rigid enough for good control.

The saw is available with teeth cut on only one edge or in a double-edged style that cuts from either side. Each is about 11-1/2" long with 4-3/4" of blade. These work like a charm.

**New Single Edge Saw in 26tpi with no set to either side**
Price depends on product choices below:


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