Veritas Fine Cut Dovetail Saw (20tpi)

Veritas Fine Cut Dovetail Saw (20tpi)
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Veritas Fine Cut Dovetail Saw (20tpi)Veritas Fine Cut Dovetail Saw (20tpi)

Product Reference: 05T0505

The Veritas Fine Cut Dovetail Saw (20tpi) is best for stock of less than half an inch thick, this finer version of the standard Dovetail saw would complement your existing saw armoury.

The Veritas dovetail saws are an innovative blend of tradition and technology, incorporating the critical characteristics of a classic fine joinery saw but made using modern production processes and state-of-the-art materials.

The spine is molded from an advanced material incorporating stainless-steel powder for weight, glass fiber for stiffness, and a polymer resin binder. An over-molded blade and stainless-steel handle-mounting bolt creates a solid blade/spine/mount assembly. A single brass fastener secures the hardwood handle.

Made of high-carbon steel, the blade is 9 1/4" long and 0.020" thick, with a cut depth of about 1 9/16". The teeth, set 0.003" per side, have a rake angle of 14° and an included angle of 60°. The blade has 20 rip-cut teeth per inch. The 20tpi model is most efficient on under 1/2" thick.

Comfortable and well balanced, each saw is 14¼" long overall.

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