Veritas Chair Doctor Glue

Veritas Chair Doctor Glue

Product Reference: 05K99

Chair Doctor glue can penetrate narrow cracks in chairs. I used this on my kitchen chairs which had become decidely wobbly and they are able to withstand my sons rough treatment again - excellent.

If a chair has a loose rung, an injection of Chair Doctor Glue will first swell the rung & then bond it.

The low viscosity lets it soak into the end grain of wood, swell it & then freeze the wood in its swollen state as it cures.

A film of dry glue is left on the walls of the wood cells, preventing contraction.

Cleans with water.

CHAIR DOCTOR PRO: includes 4fl oz of glue, 1 syringe, 3 sizes of blunt-tip needles

2 fl oz bottle has integral needle

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