Veritas Beam Compass

Veritas Beam Compass
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Veritas Beam CompassVeritas Beam CompassVeritas Beam CompassVeritas Beam Compass

Product Reference: 05N3005

A beam compass (or trammel) offers longer reach and easier adjustment than an ordinary compass. This updated beam compass is made largely of stainless steel, providing it with improved toughness and rust resistance, not to mention a more modern look.

The beams have threaded ends that let you link them together for longer reach. Just the base section of the beam compass deals with circles from 3" to 24" in diameter. The included two 12" sections take it up to 72" in diameter, and additional sections are available in pairs to let you create arcs of greater radii.

Two options are provided for marking: a steel point suitable for scribing wood or soft metals and a holder for standard pencils. A micro-adjust attached to the center point lets you fine-tune the radius by up to 1/4", with a redesigned mechanism that allows precise adjustments while limiting backlash.

A pencil tip, available separately here, holds an included 2mm thick, 25mm long HB lead that marks a dark line and holds a bevel edge well. Additional leads, in packages of 10, are available here as a set with the pencil tip.

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