Veritas Apron Plane + PM-V11 Blade

Veritas Apron Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Apron Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Apron Plane + PM-V11 Blade

Product Reference: 05P2771

This small, low-angle block plane from Veritas is the answer to a trim carpenter's prayers. At only 14oz it is half the weight of a standard block plane, a significant factor if you want to carry it with you all day.

The 5½" long, tough ductile cast iron body will take job-site accidents in stride. This is not a plane body that will break when dropped. It has good hand feel; the unique side walls let you the plane comfortably and firmly as well as providing excellent stability for shooting.

Like the other Veritas block planes, the apron plane has a combined feed and lateral adjustment mechanism that makes setting easy and accurate. 12° bed angle.


Click here for replacement blades
Price: 120.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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