Veritas 3/4" Surface Clamp

Veritas 3/4
Veritas 3/4" Surface ClampVeritas 3/4" Surface ClampVeritas 3/4" Surface Clamp

Product Reference: 05G1901

Hold down, bench clamp or surface clamp - the functions are the same just the name changes. True to form Veritas have taken an ordinary thing and made it much, much better - as well as a thing of beauty in brass and black satin.

These fast acting surface clamps can be used anywhere you can drill a 19mm diameter hole. The post has a wedging mechanism which anchors it firmly (horizontally or vertically) in material as thin as 16mm(5/8") provided it will resist the expansion of the wedge, making it the perfect companion for your jigs and sub-tables. The clamp arm slides easily for quick adjustment when tilted but locks firmly at 90°, with a reach of 54mm(2 1/8") it will also clamp up to a thickness of 95mm(3¾").

The combined forces of the wedge hold activated by the top screw, firm lock on the shaft ridges via steel pins and the generous clamp screw give you excellent hands free holding power.
Price: 62.35 (Including VAT at 20%)

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