Robert Sorby Sovereign Hollowing Tools

Multi Tip Hollowing Tools

The Multi Tip Hollowing Tool has been in existence for a number of years. It comes complete with three cutters - two for hollowing and a third for scraping. One of the beauties of this tool is that it has a half round shank which enables a full 3/4" to be in contact with the tool rest giving the turner complete control when hollowing. Of the two hollowing tips one is rounded for a flowing shape whilst the other is more pointed and as such is ideal for a crisp corner in a box. They are fitted to a swivelling washer which permits under- cutting. The scraper cutter comes with three faces - round, half-round and square - so that it can be used for finishing the inside and outside of bowls, platters and similar projects either as a regular scraper or as a shear scraper. Bottom of the shank has been specially shaped to fit the Sovereign handle.


The Hollowmaster is designed to enable the hollowing of vases. Its swan neck shape allows the cutter to access under rims. Like the Multi Tip Hollowing Tool it has a half round shank which when the flat surface is placed on the tool rest gives extra control. It comes complete with two cutters - one for hollowing and a second for finishing.

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