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The Slojd Tradition with Jogge Sundqvist (DVD)

The Slojd Tradition with Jogge Sundqvist (DVD)

Product Reference: LN-DVD-JS-ST

Learn some of the methods and techniques behind Slöjd, the self sufficient tradition from Sweden that emphasizes hand work and handicraft. Jögge Sundqvist walks you through the process of making a spatula and a cheese board from green wood. He also demonstrates different types of letter carving and decorative carving.

Jögge Sundqvist is a Swedish woodworker and carver who started learning knife and axe work at the age of four, at the side of his father, Wille Sundqvist. Jögge works in the Slöjd fine craft tradition making stools, chairs, knives, spoons, and sculptures painted with artists’ oil color. Jögge is also a teacher, writer, and gives lectures about Slöjd tradition and techniques.


Disc 1
1. The Slöjd Tradition
2. Splitting with a Froe
3. The Slöjd Axe
4. Shape a Curved Handle
5. Knife Grasps
6. Drying Methods
7. Fine Cutting
8. Finishing the Curved Handle
9. Wedging the Tenon
10. Carving the Spatula Handle
11. Painting

Disc 2
1. Intro to Decorative Carving
2. Line Carving
3. The Half Circle
4. The Circle
5. Letters
6. Chip Carving
7. Nail Cuts
8. Shallow Relief Carving

151 minutes, DVD, 2-disc set. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2017.
Price: 29.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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