Starrett Combination Sets

Starrett Combination Sets
435M-300 - Starrett Combination Set - Metric Only435ME-300 - Starrett Combination Set - Metric / ImperialC435M-300 - Starrett Combination Set - Metric Chrome

Product Reference: 435-300

These Starrett 300mm Combination Sets are a super reliable piece of kit. The Starrett Combi set comes with three cast iron heads and a black wrinkle finish..........

- The square head has 90° and 45° reference faces, an integral spirit level and a useful scribe.
- The centre head helps you find the centre of circles such as dowels. You'd probably guessed that by its name, but still a helpful tool in the workshop.
- The reversible protractor head is used to accurately measure angles with its double 180° direct reading protractor scale and also benefits from an integral spirit level.

All three combi sets we offer come with a 300mm hardened steel, photo engraved blade. Longer rules are available separately.

The Metric blades are mm and 1/2mm both sides. The Metric/Imperial (1/2mm and 32nds One Side; mm and 64ths Reverse Side)

Also available on the metric rule is a satin chrome finish which makes the metric increments easier to read.

All Combination squares are packaged in a fitted foam lined ABS case
Total Price: 149.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Denotes an out-of-stock item. Please call us on 01473 784983 or email to be added to our waiting list.


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