Somax Saw Tooth Setter Size 1

Somax Saw Tooth Setter Size 1
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Product Reference: 711990

The Somax No. 250 Saw Setter Size 1 are the blue version of these saw setters imported from Japan. These nifty little pliers allow you to put the set back on your saws. Teeth are set usually to each side of the blade (the term for the width of your cut is the kerf) and is how your saw cuts through wood efficiently as it helps clear the blade through your wood. Over time, set can need adding back on the saw.

The setting pliers have a small hammer that will put the set back on your saw tooth when you squeeze the handles together and the tooth is in line with this hammer.

There are numbered settings on this device (these do not equate to what tooth per inch but a reference for you to remember which setting your saw may be).

These are for suitable for saws with greater than 10 teeth per inch.

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