Ryoba Gold

Ryoba Gold
Ryoba GoldRyoba GoldRyoba GoldRyoba Gold

Product Reference: J-WRG

A double edged blade with X-cut & rip edges and traditional style handle.

A choice of 3 sizes

240mm blade - 0.5mm thick (spacing of teeth 1.6mm cross 2.7-3.9mm rip cut setting 0.75mm) WRG240 - This is our most popular size.

270mm blade - 0.6 mm thick (spacing of teeth 2.5mm crosscut, 3.3-5.8mm for the rip-cut teeth setting 0.9mm). WRG270

300mm blade - 0.7mm thick (spacing of teeth 3mm crosscut, 4-6.4mm for the rip-cut teeth setting 1.1mm). WRG300 - This is a big saw and often favoured by green woodworkers who need a thicker blade to deal with larger stock wood.

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