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Roberts & Lee Parkstone 30" Musical Saw Presentation Kit

Roberts & Lee Parkstone 30

Product Reference: TF-MS-30

The Parkstone Musical Saw Kit - Beech Handled version Musical Saw, Bow, Rosin and Cheat complete in a beautifully finished, gold foil blocked presentation box. Box can also then be used as storage for the saw too.

The Parkstone Melody Saw is is made from fully ground carbon steel 80. This specially made saw uses incredibly flexible steel and allows the saw to be played with a bow when placed between the knees. The saw does have teeth but these are NOT sharpened or set as with normal woodcutting saws. Around 4" of the teeth have been taken from the bottom end of the saw to ensure these do not catch on your clothes whilst playing.

The 30" is a bass saw and is capable of 2 and a half octaves - bottom F to top A.

Price: 126.01 (Including VAT at 20%)

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