Robert Sorby Timber Framer's Slick

Robert Sorby Timber Framer's Slick

Product Reference: RS289

This heavy duty timber framers and boat builders slick has an offset blade to allow for clearance when working in deep sockets and mortises. It can also be used as a massive paring chisel. Choice of two widths - 2-3/8" (60mm) & 3-3/8" (85mm).

Solid one piece forged blade including the heavy tang which is set deep into the handle. A heavy duty socket is fitted between the handle and blade to improve the ergonomics of the chisel..

The working face is machine ground in order to create a slight hollow to assist honing. The back face is rounded with no sharp edges for comfort and safety.

A quality riveted leather holster is available for safer carriage.

Overall Size:- 27" (675mm)

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