Rob Cosman Tenon Saw - Rip Cut - Ebony Resin Handle

Rob Cosman Tenon Saw - Rip Cut - Ebony Resin Handle

Product Reference: RCTS

Unique features include;

* Start the kerf easily with the Super Fine 20 tpi starting tip, then gain the speed you need for heavy cuts with the 12 tpi blade - we eased the angle of the cutting face a few degrees to reduce the grabbing that accompanies larger saw teeth.

* Very slight .002” (per side) set makes for dead straight saw cuts and smooth ready to glue surfaces - the blade is 12 inches long and offers 2 ¾ depth of cut and is .025” thick for a little extra stiffness.

* The extra heavy brass back provides better balance and helps reduce sawing vibration.

* Comfortable “ebony resin” composite handles with carved finger recesses.

* Peened and flushed copper pins help secure the blade to the brass back.

* A pair of brass split nuts secure the handle to the blade and also to the brass back.

This item has a lead time of 3-6 weeks.
Price: 295.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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