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Pfeil 25 Piece Carving Set

Pfeil 25 Piece Carving Set
Pfeil 25 Piece Carving Set

Product Reference: PFEILRO25

This large fully forged Pfeil 25 piece carving set is for challenging carving projects and contains the roll case, 80mm wooden mallet, 2 genuine Arkansas stones, honing oil, carving knife and 20 full size carving tools.

The tools included are:1/16, 1s/16, 2/20, 3/3, 3/12, 3/25, 5/35, 7/20, 8/7, 8/18, 8/25, 9/7, 8a/18, 9/15, 7L/25, 11/2, 11/10, 15/3, 12/10 and 14/8.

This in plain english means

16mm straight and skew chisels,
straight gouges - 20mm Series 2,
3mm, 12mm & 25mm Series 3,
35mm Series 5,
20mm Series 7,
7mm, 18mm & 25mm Series 8,
7mm & 15mm Series 9, 2mm & 10mm Series 11,
long bent gouge 25mm Series 7,
spoon bent gouge 18mm Series 8,
10mm 60° V parting tool,
8mm 55° V parting tool and a
3mm 45° V parting too

December 2020 - Please note - Pfeil have slightly varied the make up of this set from that printed in their catalogue. Sets currently have series 9 - 5mm (instead of series 9 - 7mm) and 5/40 instead of 5/35....so slight size variations of the same sweep gouges).
Price: 558.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
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