Peacock Oil (Low Odour) - Regal Red - 250ml

Peacock Oil (Low Odour) - Regal Red - 250ml
Peacock Oil (Low Odour) - Regal Red - 250mlPeacock Oil (Low Odour) - Regal Red - 250ml

Product Reference: PO-RR-250

Skelton Saws Peacock Oil is a wood finish made up of a mixture of traditional oils, resins and waxes, each adding its own special benefit. All ingredients are naturally obtained, mainly from ancient tree species and all have been time proven wood preservatives used by the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. Both breathable and water-repellent, unlike current commercial finishes, Peacock Oil is built up from below the wood to the surface. A one-stop finishing oil, it can be applied straight to bare wood without the need for any other products. Requiring only a lint-free cotton cloth to apply and a paper towel and 0000 wire wool or equivalent abrasive pad for preparation between coats, application is relatively effortless. Peacock Oil highlights, elevates and reflects the grain within the wood, giving it a sealed and lustrous, yet almost 3D finish that feels silky to the touch.

A unique blend of the world's finest traditional oils, resins and waxes that together produce a breathable, water-repellent, figure enhancing and grain strengthening finish. Available in 3 shades, all oils can be mixed together as desired to create your own personal shade:

Clear Honey - Enhances the grain whilst maintaining the wood's natural colour.

Antique Amber - Produces a deeper grain popping finish and effortlessly ages the wood.

Regal Red - Elevates the veins and highlights the grain in darker woods.

Suitable on all woods and for all makers of furniture, turned & carved crafts, instruments, hand tools and gunstocks, this oil is extremely versatile in its usage. A remarkable mixture of proven ingredients dating back to biblical times, Peacock Oil is combined in a new way to create an easy to apply and rewarding finish.

You can download the instructions here.

You can download the material safety data sheet here.

250ml (8.45oz.)

Made in Yorkshire, UK by Skelton Saws.

Please note: This product is only available to UK customers.
Price: 24.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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