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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - ISSUE TWO

MORTISE & TENON magazine was first published in early 2016 with the intent to bridge the worlds of furniture maker, conservator, and scholar. M&T exists to showcase premier furniture artisans and scholars in an elegant and artful manner.

The editors of Mortise & Tenon Magazine have been privileged to sit down with the premier minds in their respective fields for personal and illuminating conversations. The interviews dig deep into their perspectives and daily work. They also have several craft practice essays, an intimate and personal tour through an unparalleled collection, a detailed account of a faithful historic reproduction, and an in-depth analysis of an incredible example of pre-industrial craftsmanship.

M&T curates stories and information you will find nowhere else...

1. Candid interviews with exemplary makers, conservators, and scholars.
2. Essays on historical craft practice and tools.
3. Previews of upcoming research.
4. Reviews of relevant books.

The passion to marry scholarship with craft practice imbues the publication with a unique voice in the world of woodworking media.

Mortise & Tenon Magazine is a once a year publication - Issue 1 & 2 are in stock at Classic Hand Tools for UK & European shipping.

Approximately 150 pages of ad-free body copy on perfect bound 70# uncoated paper.

Table of Contents:

Perfection & Risk: The Making of a Banister-back Chair by Joshua Klein

Quiet Grace: An Interview with Chairmakers David and George Sawyer

Examination of an 18th-Century Drop Leaf Table

Dividing the Line: Assessing the Eye of Blue-Collar Geometers by George Walker

Decoding the Roman Workbench by Christopher Schwarz

A Furniture Conservation Primer by Donald C. Williams

An Unjustified Mystique: Period Dovetails Up-Close

A Case for Cadwalader by Timothy Garland

An Interview with Tool Collector Skip Brack of Liberty Tool Company

Fidelity to the Past: An Interview with Zachary Dillinger

Everyone Who Knows 'Why' is Dead by Peter Follansbee

Woodworking in Estonia: Book Review by Michael Updegraff

Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 2
Ref: MT2017

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Mortise & Tenon Magazine is only available in the UK & Europe from Classic Hand Tools. 

Price: 21.75

Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 2


Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 2 - With European Shipping
Ref: MT2017-EU

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Price: 28.75

Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 2 - With European Shipping


Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Apprenticeship DVD Series: The Foundations

This first foundational video in their Apprenticeship series serves as an overview for those interested in the hand-tool-only furniture making process. Come into the shop of Joshua Klein, editor of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, to absorb the woodworking methods he's learned from examining countless pre-industrial originals. The evidence of process left behind as tool marks gives a beauty and authenticity that no machine can mimic.

In this video, Joshua sets out to unravel the unjustified mystique about hand tool woodworking for M&T readers. After looking at the basic tool set and sharpening, Joshua walks through how he selects his lumber and processes it with hand tools. The heart of the video is the demonstration and explanation of the foundational furniture joinery. An introduction to using shellac and milk paint closes the tutorial. Throughout the video, Joshua busts the myth that working wood by hand is simply naïve anachronism. To the contrary, he's discovered it to be a surprisingly efficient and viable option for the 21st century woodworker.

Total run time:136 minutes


00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:10 The Tools
00:18:48 Sharpening
00:29:10 Thoughts on Design
00:30:50 Sourcing & Selecting Lumber
00:37:10 Stock Prep
01:00:00 The Mortise & Tenon Joint
01:23:55 Dovetails - Through & Half-Blind
01:43:55 The Nailed Rabbet Joint
01:49:03 The Dado
01:54:04 Thoughts on Period Joinery
01:55:10 Finishing with Shellac & Milk Paint
02:06:05 Conclusion

Price incl VAT 

Price: 21.58 (Including VAT at 20%)

Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Apprenticeship DVD Series: The Foundations



Online Catalogue >  New Products  >  Mortise & Tenon Magazine

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