Merlin2 Sanding Discs & Backing Pads

2.2" (56mm) Merlin2® Hook & Loop (H&L) Oversize Sanding Discs.

These sanding discs attach to the soft and medium H&L pads and fit all Merlin2® miniature long neck angle grinders. These extra large sanding discs are very flexible, curling over the backing pad's edge so you can achieve a flawless finish with no sharp, side edges to scratch your work. This is very handy in the many instances where flat surfaces and perpendicular sides meet.

Working with these extremely high-quality sanding discs means that you will achieve high stock removal with little clogging. It also means that these discs will last longer than most others on the market.

The best part is that this complete line was tested and approved by Nick Agar, world renowned woodturner, Sculptor and Artist to the Royal Family.

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