Merlin2 50mm QC Bristle 80 Grit Disc - Medium Yellow

Merlin2 50mm QC Bristle 80 Grit Disc - Medium Yellow
Merlin2 50mm QC Bristle 80 Grit Disc - Medium YellowMerlin2 50mm QC Bristle 80 Grit Disc - Medium Yellow

Product Reference: KA-10062

Merlin2® Quick Change (QC) and 3M Roloc™ 2" (50mm) 80 Grit - Medium Yellow Bristle Disc removes bark and debris for a natural wood finish. Traditionally used to clean and polish metal, King Arthur’s Tools has discovered that the “fingers” of the bristle disc have exceptional surface conformability in wood applications. They curl around, into and between crevices and knobbly shapes like burls or difficult, uneven shapes to magically clean, debark, blend, finish and polish wood. This is a phenomenal little accessory!

The patented bristle disc combines aluminium oxide with ceramic abrasive grain for one of the hardest, longest-lasting minerals available. It stays cools while resisting heat and material loading. As the bristle disc fingers wear away, fresh abrasive is continually exposed to the work surface, so performance doesn’t diminish. This green bristle disc is long wearing, has coarser surface fingers and aggressive finish. With a half turn twist it easily fits the Merlin2® Quick Change HTC Backing Pad Assembly (10091). This quick-change attachment system offers quick and easy disc change-out for multi-step finishing processes.

The Roloc™ bristle disc dramatically improves productivity, is designed to deliver exceptional performance, is incredibly convenient and so simple to use. Areas which were once difficult to clean, deburr, or finish completely are now within easy reach because of the bristle disc’s flexible design molds the fingers to irregular surfaces.
Price: 15.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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