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Merlin2 50mm All Surface Carbide Abrasive Disc - Fine Green

Merlin2 50mm All Surface Carbide Abrasive Disc - Fine Green
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Merlin2 50mm All Surface Carbide Abrasive Disc - Fine Green

Product Reference: KA-10089

This Fine (Green) Thin Flat Profile Disc is a part of the Nick Agar Signature Series. It is the most popular All Surface 3 Edge Tungsten Carbide Disc, has a 2" (50mm) diameter x 10mm center x 1/8" (3mm) thickness and fits the Merlin2® miniature angle grinder.The Fine Thin, Flat Profile disc removes and shapes the material in a controlled easy manner, is moderately fast and is now widely used in a myriad of woodturnings and carvings by some of the leading artists in the world. They love it because it leaves a smooth edge and surface finish, plus its ability to cut fine lines into wood. Cutting down into wood, it leaves a plunge cut about 1/8" (3mm) wide, leaving a beautifully fine finish requiring a little fine grit sandpaper to complete the work. It has the finest surface or edge finish in the set of 4. If your aim is to achieve a really fine finish and remove, shape, meticulously follow pencil outlines, or spiral cut hollow forms in wood safely in a controlled manner as well as in a confined area, then the fine green disc is exactly what you need. This is a heckuva fantastic tool! The great feature about all these four discs is their ability to cut on all sides at the same time.

Jointly developed, tested and approved by Nick Agar and King Arthur's Tools.

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