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Mastercarver 30 Piece Drill Set 3/32"

Mastercarver 30 Piece Drill Set 3/32

Product Reference: CL-MC627020

Ordinarily, drill head size and shank size match. The problem is that micro-motor tools, Dremels and flex-shaft handpiece collets accept standard sizes. A typical 3/32” collet only accepts a 3/32” drill. So unless you need a 3/32” hole you are out of luck. Finally, a mini drill set that fits standard 3/32” collets! Tough HSS steel & precision twist bit grinding hold up to wood, mild steel, stone.

Set includes 30-precision made HSS steel mini twist drills, 2-each of: .5mm – 2.3mm.

Includes: plastic organizer box with sizes marked for slots. Drill length: 1-3/4”.

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