Making Woodblock Prints - A Complete Guide

Making Woodblock Prints - A Complete Guide
Making Woodblock Prints - A Complete Guide

Product Reference: AM-DVD-MWP

'Making Woodblock Prints' is an educational film taught by master printmakers Merlyn Chesterman RE and Rod Nelson. The two hour 'workshop' covers nine, easy to follow topics including cutting a block, adding colour, proofing and editioning, techniques and inspiration. Benefit from their combined knowledge and master the art of block printing.

Using just a few simple materials, uniquely lively, delicate or bold woodcut prints can be easily created. Many will associate this form of printing with Japanese woodblock printing and ukiyo-e designs such as 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Katsushika Hokusai.

“Woodcuts are images that simply can’t be made in any other way. They sit on the boundary between art and craft - and anyone making woodcuts will quickly experience the delights and terrors of both.” RN


Cutting a Block
Developing Your Own Marks
Introducing Colour
Layer Blocks with Colour
Cutting an Underblock
Inking the Block
Proofing and Editioning
Advanced Printing Techniques

DVD Extras: Tool Sharpening

Total Running Time 160 mins

Useful to have this alongside Merlyn's book that we also stock, . Mary and Joy have both attended printing courses with Merlyn and Rod and can vouch for the fact they are very good teachers.
Price: 19.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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