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Classic French-Style Sculptors Adze
Ref: LM-7072-03

This adze is very much like the most popular Auriou Toolworks hand adze of yesterday. Auriou have stopped making these as their supply of blanks ran out and they now do not have the power in their hammers to make the eye in the adze head. So it is great to see that Leonhard Muller recognise the beauty and function of the French design and have decided to make them. Classic Hand Tools get frequent requests for the 70 degree sweep Auriou model so hopefully these adzes will fill that void.

Straight 450mm hickory handle (about 18")
Fully forged 56mm wide head (a little over 2")
70 degree radius.
Weight 600g.

From of Leonhard Muller's best quality range.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 104.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Classic French-Style Sculptors Adze


Muller French-Style Sculptors Adze
Ref: LM-2072

Again, these adzes are from Leonhard Muller's Carpenter's Hatchets range but they are based on the traditional French design where the head gradually flares from the poll. 3 sweep widths to chose from and all come with straight hickory handles.

Straight 450mm hickory handles (about 18")
Choice of 65mm, 60mm or 56mm wide medium sweep cutting edge.

Prices incl VAT 

Price: 79.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

Muller French-Style Sculptors Adze


Muller French-Style Sculptors Adze - 65mm  79.80
Muller French-Style Sculptors Adze - 60mm  79.80
Muller French-Style Sculptors Adze - 56mm  79.80


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