Kirjes Extendor

Kirjes Extendor
Kirjes Extendor

Product Reference: KJ219

Makes the Dust Extractor handle even more effective.

The Kirjes Dust Extendor is fitted onto the front end of the Kirjes Dust Extractor Handle and eliminates hazardous dust up to 98% when sanding on top of the Kirjes Bowl/Dome Sander or using a Velcro Sponge Pad.

The Extendor is easily adjustable by hand or thumb whilst sanding work is in progress and gives you the freedom of choice where to put the dust suction point.

The Extendor is made out of Polycarbonate, incidentally the same material used in the unbreakable beer glass. This is a tough, transparent but non-brittle plastic and can be cut or sawn to the form of your choice when using the cylindrical Kirjes Sanders.
Price: 7.63 (Including VAT at 20%)

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