King Arthur's Chainsaw Discs

King Arthur’s Tools specialise in power tool accessories and offers a unique range of saw chain products developed to cut and shape a variety of different materials.

All King Arthur’s products are patented and have distinct safety and performance features. Made in the USA. These tools are increasingly popular with sculptors in wood and other non ferrous materials.
Chainsaw Discs - Lancelot & Squire

Chainsaw Discs - Lancelot & Squire

LANCELOT is King Arthur's most popular model with the slightly smaller SQUIRE model not far behind. They are designed to fit 100 mm, 115 mm and 125 mm angle grinders. Each model consists of 2 stainless steel discs that take the chainsaw blade. Note: Chains are NOT interchangeable between different size discs. i.e 14 tooth replacement chains only fit 14 tooth discs and 22 tooth replacement chains only fit 22 tooth discs.

The larger LANCELOT chainsaw blade is 100mm in diameter with a choice of 22 or 14 teeth for either fine or coarse finish. The slightly smaller SQUIRE is 85mm in diameter and is available with either 18 (fine) or 12 (coarse) teeth.

Double Up For More Power!
Tandem Combinations - Two saw chain cutter accessories used with our universal nut will virtually double productivity in a safe and efficient way. In addition, you have the bonus that both blades can be used individually. Two Lancelots side by side or Lancelot paired with Squire will eat and shape extremely quickly.

Lancelot Tandems
You get more power with two blades. For hog out wood removal use two 14 tooth blades. For more finish and shaping use two 22 tooth blades. How about a compromise and get the best of both worlds? Use a 14 and 22 tooth tandem. For sheer brute wood removal there is no better combo than two Lancelots, especially for lateral (side to side), plunge and trench cuts. Two tandem Lancelots give a ½" (13mm) wide cut with great control.

Top Tip - place the coarser chain onto your angle grinder first, then your finer chain and secure with the Universal Nut. When mounting a Lancelot /Squire combo, mount Lancelot first, then Squire on top before securing with the nut.

Lancelot and Squire Combination
If you want to do convex shapes and use the grinder in a sweeping or raking motion to, for example, shape the sides of a bowl or carve the haunches of a rocking horse, then a Squire and Lancelot combination is the best. A 14 tooth Lancelot with a 12 tooth Squire is the most aggressive. The smoothest combination is a 22 tooth with the 18 tooth Squire. You can further custom a tandem with either a 22 tooth and 12 tooth or 14 tooth and 18 tooth combination.

Universal Nut
The Universal Nut makes tandem combinations possible. This special nut has a hexagonal head with a flat base and is the key to making any tandem combo work. It also replaces the manufacturer’s spanner wrenches. The Lancelot and Squire combination is excellent for sweeping horizontal wood removal when both blades cut the stock material surface at the same time. This combination is great for bowl making and artistic patterns.

Chain info - A unique feature about these King Arthur chains is that the chain circlet consists of consecutive left and right teeth - the teeth are not separated by skip links common to a standard chain saw. These blades have twice the amount of regular teeth resulting in the blade powering its way through the hardest of woods and other soft non-ferrous materials. This important feature, combined with the speed of the angle grinder (between 10,000 to 13,000 rpm), provides users with a very efficient and powerful cutting/shaping power tool accessory.

Unique Safety Feature - should the blade hit a nail, on most occasions it will cut through the obstruction. If not, the impact will cause the chain to stop whilst the disc rotates, thus alerting the user to stop the angle grinder. This is an excellent safety feature which virtually eliminates kickback and binding. These chains are easily sharpened with a 5/32" (4mm) chain saw file.

Centre Hole Sizes - The Lancelots and Squires we sell have 14mm centre holes - so they can be fitted to all European angle grinders.

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