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IBC/Cosman Matched Blade & Chipbreaker Set
Ref: IBC

These matched sets are for your Old Stanley or Record Planes.

IBC (Industrial Blade Company) is a blade manufacturer in Canada. Pinnacle is the brand name that Woodcraft (a huge USA retailer) use on selected goods. IBC make replacement blades for most any plane out there but we have restricted our selection to the matched Chipbreaker and Blade (or iron as we might called it over here in the civilised world).

Revive your antique hand plane with this premium Blade and Chipbreaker Set. This set is over 60% thicker than the original, for reduced vibration and chatter and is matched ground and serialized at the time of manufacture. Exclusively designed Chipbreaker Blade Adjustment Tabs allow this thicker, premium set to function in antique planes. Complete information for reviving your hand plane is available on "The Great Hand Plane Revival DVD With Rob Cosman" (sold separately, see below).

To see Rob Cosman demonstrating this, please click here.

These matched sets comprise a blade

A-2 Tool Steel
Double Tempered To 60-62 HRc
Cryogenically Treated
Honed Razor Sharp - “Will Shave Hair Out Of The Box

and an

IBC/Cosman Chipbreaker:
• .125" Thick O-1 Tool Steel
• Hardened to 30-32HRc
• Precision machined, sharpened mating edge
• Revolutionary Blade Adjuster Tabs
• Precision ground hand polished sides
• Blade Adjustment Tabs

The 2" blade/chipbreaker is for your No 4 or 5

Still not sure, read a review, click here

Prices inc VAT 

IBC/Cosman Matched Blade & Chipbreaker Set


IBC 2" Matched Blade/Chipbreaker  93.00
IBC 2 3/8" Matched Blade/Chipbreaker  99.50

Rob Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife
Ref: RC-MK

Rob Cosman has been planning this marking knife for many years and he finally brings this tool to the marketplace. Hand Cut Dovetailing is Rob's specialism and he has no doubt this tool will complete the stable of his dovetailing tools and instructional dvds.

This is what he says.."For over thirty years one of my most trusted dovetail tools has been my modified marking knife. Working with renowned blade manufacture IBC we have re-created every detail in this replica tool. Transferring tails to pins accurately is such a vital step in the dovetail joint I think you will find this to be your missing link!"

Rob Cosman - Your Hand Tool Coach

Cast metal handle. Replacement blades available

Price incl VAT 

Price: 49.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Rob Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife


IBC/Andy King Striking Knives

Jointly developed by IBC and Good Woodworking Magazine Technical Editor Andy King. The regular striking knife is ideally suited to general layout work and the marking of shoulderlines, while the precision striking knife is ideally suited to the marking of dovetail joints. Once struck the marked line is used as a register for the chisel or saw to ensure the cutting of accurate joints.

Both knives feature a finely machined arrow head blade made from IBCs unique high vanadium AISI A2 tool steel. A single sided duel 25 degree bevel and angled at 55 degrees make them ideal for left or right handed use. The blades are hardened to 58-60 HRC with a double temper and cryogenically treated to ensure the ultimate in edge retention.

The handles are turned to an ergonomic profile from selected American Black Walnut that offers the user excellent control and comfort then fitted with a stainless steel ferrule to bolster the connection between the blade and socket.

All in all one of the finest striking knives currently available with the quality of an heirloom tool but without the price tag.

Prices include VAT 

IBC/Andy King Striking Knives


IBC/Andy King Regular (Large) Striking Knife  22.99
IBC/Andy King Precision (Small) Striking Knife  22.99


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