Henry Taylor Carving Tools

The Henry Taylor carving tools bear the Henry Taylor 'Acorn' brand mark.

The 'Acorn' represents an instantly recognised world renowned brand made by Henry Taylor Tools since 1834. We at Classic Hand Tools love the acorn so much we have had it branded into the handle.

These Henry Taylor carving tools are made with traditional skills combined with modern technology using British materials including the best quality Sheffield steel.

With the combination of good steel and advanced heat treatment technique, Henry Taylor carving tool blades keep a very keen edge.

We offer the "Professional" range of Henry Taylor carving tools. These have 4¾" (120mm) blade's with a ground straw coloured inner surface and a charcoal black non-reflective finish on the outer surfaces. The tools are fitted beech octagonal handles with brass ferules.

Straight chisels, skew chisels, fishtail chisels, 60 degree V parting tools, straight and fishtail gouges form our initial offering. We have over 400 Henry Taylor carving tools in stock at any given time. As demand grows we expect this to double or triple over time as we expand the line.

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