Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun

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By Nick Offerman

Nestled among the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown is a testament to American elbow grease and an honest-to-god hard day’s work: Offerman Woodshop.

Captained by hirsute woodworker, actor, comedian and writer Nick Offerman, the shop produces not only fine handcrafted furniture, but also fun stuff – kazoos, baseball bats, ukuleles and even moustache combs. Now, Nick and his ragtag crew of champions want to share their experiences of working at the Woodshop, tell you about their passion for the discipline of woodworking, and teach you how to make a handful of their most popular projects along the way. This book will take readers behind the scenes of the woodshop, both inspiring and teaching them to make their own projects and besotting them with the infectious spirit behind the shop and its complement of dusty wood-elves.

In these pages you will find a variety of projects for every skill level, with personal, accessible instructions by the OWS woodworkers themselves; and, what’s more, this tutelage will be augmented by mouth-watering colour photos (Nick calls it “wood porn”).

You will also find writings by Nick, offering recipes for both comestibles and mirth, humorous essays, odes to his own woodworking heroes, insights into the ethos of woodworking in modern America, and other assorted tomfoolery.
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