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The Gifkins Dovetail Jig

Tired of trying to cut perfect dovetail joints by hand or using a hand held router?
This was the case with the world-renowned box maker, Roger Gifkins, when 19 years ago he designed an easier method of cutting dovetail joints.

The result was the now famous Gifkins Dovetail Jig which is still the only dovetail jig on the market that uses a table mounted router – giving you far greater safety and precision. It works brilliantly on any router table, including all TRITON® router tables. Unlike other jigs, you get the same perfect fit every time, whatever thickness timber you use.

The Gifkins Dovetail Jig comes complete with everything you need to make beautiful dovetail joints and will work with any router and router table. It also includes easy to follow instructions written in plain English by inventor and manufacturer, Roger Gifkins. .

For full specifications of the jig and the different template profiles click here.

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The Gifkins Dovetail Jig

The Gifkins Dovetail Jig is ideal for boxes, drawers and other small pieces requiring clean, accurate, through-cut dovetail joints. After the initial setup, there is no need to make a trial joint every time you use the jig. Once adjusted, the Gifkins Box Makers Dovetail Jig always gives you exactly the same fit, no matter the timber thickness, with automatic alignment of the edges.

You just need a table mounted router and one or two clamps. The jig comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions, written in plain English. No special fittings required for your router or table. Suitable for use with any router table or mini-spindle, including all Triton router tables. The Jig is made from Aluminium for superb stability. Five template profiles available, all interchangeable on the one jig. The templates are machined in 10 &12 mm Phenolic resin laminate using state of the art CNC machinery. 2 aluminium stops lock accurately at 90° to ensure precise alignment of the edges of the joint. Micro adjustment to get the fit you want - once set no further adjustment is required until the bits are re-sharpened. The Gifkins jig uses its own special router bits, which are supplied with the jig. Maximum size of workpiece: Approx 1000 mm x 310 mm x 22 mm

Click Here to View Instruction Booklet

The Gifkins Jig was recommended to Classic Hand Tools by UK woodworking guru David Charlesworth many years ago. Here's what a recent satisfied customer had to say...

"The jig is excellent, I'm the first to admit i'm not the best woodworker, but with this jig it has enabled me to produce quality dovetail joints, quickly and efficiently. The instructions included were clear and accurate, setup time was minimal (max. 10 mins), seven hardwood drawers all accurately dovetail jointed in just over an hour with no waste. Fantastic!!"
The Gifkins Dovetail Jig a


Online Catalogue >  Gifkins Dovetail Jig

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