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FirstLightWorks Stick Chair Templates

FirstLightWorks Stick Chair Templates
FirstLightWorks Stick Chair TemplatesFirstLightWorks Stick Chair Templates

Product Reference: FLW-SCT

This set of templates is for the American Welsh Stick Armchair, which is included as a project in the expanded edition of the Anarchists Design Book by Christopher Schwarz. These templates provide the key geometry you need to produce the various components for the chair, but unless you are either a chairmaking savant or Chris Schwarz you will struggle to make this chair without a copy of the book.

The Welsh Stick Chair is a centuries-old vernacular form built by any Welshman who wanted to sit somewhere other than on the floor. Here in the 21st Century, the reality is that most of us do not have a dynasty of chairmaking elders to call upon for guidance and we are not pulling bent branches and roots out of hedgerows to make chairs; most of us are working on our own and have access to fairly benign commercially produced timber. Todays woodworkers are just as capable of shaping the direction and form of their chairmaking, they just need a place to start from - these templates are that departure point.

There are 6 templates in the set, which will give you the necessary geometry to make the chair components. Please note that there are subtle differences between the book and these templates. For example the seat depth is 16", which is 1/2" shorter than the book. These are the templates used by Chris Schwarz when teaching, so they are the most up to date version.
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