FirstLightWorks Bevel Monkey

FirstLightWorks Bevel Monkey
FirstLightWorks Bevel MonkeyFirstLightWorks Bevel MonkeyFirstLightWorks Bevel Monkey

Product Reference: FLW-BM

The FirstLightWorks Bevel Monkey is a bevel setting gauge for woodworkers, chairmakers, carpenters and joiners, in fact anyone who needs to quickly and accurately set a sliding bevel.

The tool is marked in 0.5 degree steps from 0 to 50 degrees. All angle markings are set out from the same origin, meaning the tool is well suited for chairmakers wishing to use the direct reading method for leg rake and splay (as popularised by Peter Galbert).

Bevel Monkey is manufactured from a 3.2mm 3 ply acrylic laminate with high contrast laser engraved markings.

Review by Chris Schwarz "This simple laser-engraved piece of laminate makes setting your sliding bevel a breeze."

As recommended in the 2019 Anarchist's Gift Guide
Price: 38.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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