Crucible Tool Dividers - Type 2

Crucible Tool Dividers - Type 2
Crucible Tool Dividers - Type 2Crucible Tool Dividers - Type 2Crucible Tool Dividers - Type 2Crucible Tool Dividers - Type 2

Product Reference: CT-CD2

The Crucible Dividers, Type 2, allow you to quickly adjust the tips with one hand and easily lock in an important setting with a common No. 8 screwdriver. Made from alloy steel in the United States, these dividers are designed especially for woodworking - chairs, dovetails, shelving and other furniture-scale tasks.

Why are they called Type 2 dividers? The first-generation dividers were excellent, but they required considerable handwork to construct and tune. Every pair was hand finished on a precision belt grinder to create a shiny surface. Because of the handwork, Crucible never got the price/profitability working for them.

The Type 2 dividers have the same basic silhouette as the previous model, but were redesigned from the ground up to be attractive, fully functional and affordable. The new dividers are finished with a different process that requires little handwork and leaves a gray, matte surface. They are not flashy and look like a workaday tool.

Crucibles goal was to have the tool resemble what you would get from Stanley (or other top-line makers) in the early 20th century - not a custom tool. There are small milling marks on the dividers that show how they were made. Nothing is mirror polished. But boy, do they work well.

Measuring 3/8" thick, 5/8" wide and 6" long, Crucible dividers fit neatly in the hand and weigh 4.5 ounces. The tools are made in Tennessee and Kentucky and are assembled in the Bluegrass state.

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Price: 130.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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